Hi Girlfriends! Kris here!

I honestly CANNOT believe that it is already Easter! Hey, no complaints here! I am Spring’s number one fan! I just don’t know how time just flies by like it does! This Easter is extra special for my family and I because our oldest daughter, Jessica, is FINALLY home from serving an LDS mission for the last year and a half. It has felt as though half my heart has been in Las Vegas for the last 18 months! My heart is full this easter as we welcome her home and hear all about her awesome experiences and just seeing how she has grown. Can you say PARENT PAY DAY?!

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Having Jessica home and my entire family together, makes me want to really celebrate Easter and all the fun that comes with this holiday! One of the things I love most about Easter is watching my not-so-little kids run around the yard in a frenzy after my expertly hidden eggs! It’s hard not to die laughing as I watch my teenage son eagerly searching for that last hidden piece of candy!

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I may just be a little sappy this Easter, but I wanted to spread my excitement anyways! This bunny bag is SO SIMPLE! You will be done so fast! And just for our girlfriends, we are giving the pattern away for FREE! Have a HAPPY EASTER from me and all your girlfriends!

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With love, Kris!

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