The Boxy Tote Pattern


The Boxy Tote is perfect for toting all your quilting needs! Pockets all the way around on the outside, pockets all the way around on the inside! Heavy duty stays that keep the bag’s mouth wide open!

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Designer: Penny Sturges

Pattern from: Quilts Illustrated

Finished size: 14″ wide x 12″ tall and 11″ deep

Class available here!

**Includes Hardware

Fill it with cosmetics, medications, first aid supplies, blow dryers, hammers, X-Acto knife, screw drivers, rotary cutters, measuring tape, scissors, seam rippers, hand lotion, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, cross-stitch projects, painting supplies, jewelry, shavers, english paper piecing supplies or beading supplies! We could go on and on! It is only 12″ tall, and fits into a suitcase well!

The pattern INCLUDES a pair of metal stays to make your first bag.



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