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On one of my travels recently, I was aboard the plane seated next to a gentleman in a business suit. Juggling my laptop bag and an adorable, oh-so-cute quilted Maxwell bag filled to the brim, I made my way to settle in for the friendly blue skies.

I gave a sigh of relief that I checked off the first part of my journey – getting on the plane… ON TIME. Phew!

It didn’t take me long before the handwork started getting pulled out of my bag. There was no way I was going to waste this 3 hour flight to idly sit! I’m a quilter! A doer! I’ve got to keep my hands busy!

Making small talk while waiting our turn to take off on the runway, I asked where he was headed and what he did for his job. He then asked me where my destination was. “Houston, Texas. I’m attending a convention called, “Quilt Market.” Confused, he asked what that meant. When I proceeded to tell him what I did for a living, his eyes widened and he asked, “DO PEOPLE STILL SEW?!” 

I chuckled. And I was able to say with a resounding, “YES! You better believe it!” We enjoyed an interesting conversation afterwards where he explained that sewing was something he had had fond memories of watching his grandmother sew, but had no idea that it really was so alive and well today – big enough to hold a convention twice a year with thousands of attendees from all over the world attending!

I am proud of what I do. Day in and day out, I meet men and women, children, teens… all who have that same common desire – to CREATE. It’s a beautiful thing. Regardless of our sewing experience, our upbringing, our race, religion, politics, or circumstances, sewing and quilting is what brings us together.

Let the fun begin!


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