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It’s pretty obvious that we are swooning over these lap boards from the very talented designers at Vintage Door! These are perfect for just about everything and everyone! We can’t wait to give these to our loved ones for Christmas!

These lap boards look complicated, but are surprisingly simple. You will wow yourself when you finish this adorable project in record time. You’ll want to make one for everyone you love (but don’t forget to keep one for yourself)!

We made these lap boards during our Girlfriend’s Day Out. Everyone had such a great time! Almost everyone finished theirs that day in under 3 hours. We even have kits left over and ready to go! Our kits include the board, fabric, muslin, batting, stuffing, vintage bias tape, and a curved needle. Get your lap desk kit here!


Here are some girlfriend approved quick tips to follow while you are creating your very own Lap Desk!

Tip #1: While pinning this project (in any step) always ease in the pins by starting on the long edges, then the short edges and working your way around after that. This will help everything turn out even.

Tip #2: When you sew the muslin to the other layers, don’t worry about puckers. They won’t be seen in the final project.

Tip #3: When stuffing your lap desk, less is more. When you staple your form down later, the fabric will tighten, so if you leave a little give, you won’t have any problems while stapling your form to the board.

Don’t wait to get your lap desk kit here! You will love this meaningful and original gift idea!


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