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Do you know someone who could use an extra “lift” this holiday season? Giving something special you’ve made to someone else is like giving a hug! This Christmas season we want everyone to have a Christmas Tree in their home! When you finish this block, give it to someone who may be away from home, or not able to have a tree in their home. Take a picture and spread the joy with these hashtags:

#PieceATreeSpreadSomeJoy, #MyGirlfriendsQuiltShoppe

Download your free pattern here!

You can get a kit here! 

We believe in this movement SO MUCH, that we went on LIVE TV! Well, Kris went on Live TV! But she was a natural!

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There is something special about knowing someone is thinking about you. And even more special when they went the extra mile and made something with their own two hands. We never know what people are going through. And those difficult days can be made to seem even harder during this Christmas season. As girlfriends, we hope that we can lighten someone’s load and brighten someone’s day with these cute pillows.
Don’t let paper piecing intimidate you! Kris will walk you through it step by step!



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