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One of our favorite things about the holidays is enjoying the extra time we have with our kids and/or grandkids. It’s such a joy to watch children light up over the family traditions that come around each year, as well as the spirit and fun of the holidays!

We love spending time out with our families, but sometimes you just need a good night in enjoying each other’s company. As many of us know, sometimes kids need a little something extra to keep them busy and using all of that creative energy they have (when are we going to learn how to bottle their energy!?). So, we’ve put together some of our favorite kid-friendly projects!


Coloring Fabric


Coloring fabric has to be a favorite of most any kid that can get their hands on it. You just can’t go wrong with a coloring page on fabric! It makes a sewing project or craft extra fun when they’ve been able to personalize and make it their own by coloring it however they want. We love making pillowcases, trinket or toy bags, aprons, or clothing (for the kids or dolls) out of it, but the possibilities are endless! Grab your choice of Coloring Fabric, and some Fabric Markers and you’re ready to get started!

Wool Tree Ornaments


So many kids love to help decorate the Christmas tree this time of year, and it’s always extra fun when they get to add ornaments they’ve helped make to the tree. This super simple Wool Tree Ornament Kit gives you everything you need to make a tree ornament; the wool, wooden star topper, and string to make & hang it! If you’d like, these trees can also be made into a fun banner!

Get your Wool Tree Ornament here! 

Wool Felt Balls Tree


These bright and colorful trees bring some fun into being festive this season! Aren’t they so cute!? This simple project only requires gluing the wool felt balls to a cone, and voilà! You have an adorable, fun piece of holiday decor. Get a bag of colorful Wool Felt Balls in our shoppe here! Glue and a cone can be purchased separately at your local craft store.

Let us know what some of your favorite kid-friendly holiday time activities are!


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