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Longarming with Rulers:

This week in Longarm Club we learned all about rulers! Have you been frustrated that there just isn’t the right pantograph for you? Or intimidated by free-hand quilting? Rulers are the answer! Rulers give you the freedom of free-hand quilting with the precision and consistency of pantographs. There are so many things you can do with rulers in quilting.

Our favorite ruler is the 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler by Natalia Bonner! It has a small, medium and large curve that are perfect for scallops, medallions and anything else you can think up! It also has a large straight edge, so you don’t have to trade rulers every 5 minutes!

A lot of people are hesitant to use rulers in their machine quilting, because they also have to buy a ruler base, but take it from Jenny and Jill (our in house longarmers) it is worth it! It provides the perfect amount of support while quilting with rulers, guides or templates. Our longarmers swear by it and use it all the time while quilting!

It’s time to widen our quilting horizons and bring that perfect finish to our projects! Get confident with Jenny in this short video!


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