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Kris Shelley Thurgood

“I love that I am surrounded by an amazing group of women (and a few good men, too!) that support one another and really go out of their way to make sure our customers have a good and successful experience with all their creative endeavors.”

Kyle Yonk

“I love that I am appreciated. Being a girlfriend means that people believe in me!”

Cora Smith

“I love the personal relationship that I develop with the regular customers! It’s always fun to ask them about their dog or their kids or how their project is going. I also love love love the great people I work with!”

Janelle Gunderson

“I love working and having customers come in that I have a relationship with and they get so excited to see me and have me help them with projects they’re working on! We have the best employees who support and help one another!”

Jenny Nielson

“I love the girlfriend community and getting to know and interact with people not in my regular circle. And also. Fabric!”

Ruthie Hamilton

“I love helping people create something they love!! I love helping them think outside the box and put their own spin on their projects!! Encouraging them along the way and seeing them light up when they bring in their finished projects!! The ladies we work with are AMAZING WOMEN!! The men we work with are so helpful! Even Larry (Barb’s husband) will help with things if you ask!”

Cindy Stevens

“I love having many relationships with our customers and seeing them love creating many unique items and feeling the happiness they experience. Love all those I work with, they give so much of themselves to bring a smile to others!”

Diana White

“I love the friendships I’ve made! Customers and everyone we work with! We really do have the best work environment! I love that we change people’s lives! Many come into the shop without great friendships or self esteem. We work to give them both, through our gatherings and knowledge!”

Barb Lewis

“I love it in a class when the “light globe” goes on and they “get it”. They learn something new. And they are so excited. They come in for inspiration, for tranquility, for friendship, for a place that they are not afraid to learn, for a listening ear… for a Girlfriend! No judgements- just acceptance and a hug! I know that was why I first started coming in. I wanted to be here all the time. It made me feel so good. And no I AM here and I feel so good. Thank you ALL!”

Debbie Johnson

“Love the relationships we create daily with customers and fellow employees. It’s such a fun creative environment.”

Lisa Huffman

“I love making new friends and helping the customers with questions.”

McKaylee Thurgood

“I love that this is a place where everyone is happy! I laugh and smile all day with customers and with the employees. I love having relationships with customers where we both know each other’s name!”

It’s your turn! What is your favorite part of being a Girlfriend?! Comment below!

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