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Hey Girlfriends! It’s Barb here! If you don’t know me yet, I am your local Baby Lock Machine Specialist! I love helping all my girlfriends find the perfect machine for them! I think there is nothing better than seeing a dear friend’s face light up when they sew on their new machine for the first time.

Bringing home a Baby Lock is just like bringing home a new baby! They are some of the most reliable machines made by quilters for quilters. But sometimes, no matter how much you take care of your machine, those thousands of stitches you put on it may cause some natural wear and tear (no matter the brand). This can be easily prevented by regular machine maintenance at your local machine dealer.

However, we all know that heart dropping feeling when working on a favorite project and our machine experiences a hiccup- like thread balling up in the bottom of the machine or skipping stitches. Most of the time these are simple fixes that you can fix yourself!

Today with the help of McKaylee we are going to show you how to trouble shoot your machine before you rush it to your local machine specialist!

I hope you enjoy! Good luck girlfriends!

XOXO, Barb



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