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Hi Girlfriends! Kris here! When I first started My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe I knew exactly what I wanted to give our customers. One of those things was OPTIONS! Even way back then, I was very skilled at ALMOST finishing a project. I would finish my quilt top, and then away it went until I was able to find someone to quilt it for me. I wanted to give my girlfriends EVERY reason to take their projects to the finish line!

1. In House Quilting

This is one of our “hands off” option! Bring in your quilt top and we’ll take care of the rest! We have two in house quilters that work around the clock to make your quilting dreams come true! They love to see your projects come together! All you need to do is bring in your quilt top and back, select your batting, and sit back and relax! Our basic quilting is just 1.5 cents per square inch. You can pay just a little more for intricate custom work as well! Our talented quilters do it all!

2. Fast Track Quilting

If you’re willing to spend just a little more, we can have your quilt done in 2-3 days! This is another great “hands off” option! A lot of people like this option when the holidays or birthdays are coming up. We all get caught up and end up procrastinating those gifts… but no one has to know with fast track quilting! (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!)

3. Rent one of our Longarms for the day!

This is the perfect option for those of us who love to have their hand in EVERY step of their beloved projects. It is so fun and satisfying to see your quilt through every turn of the creative process. Don’t know how to longarm yet? Not a problem! All you have to do is take one certification class with one of our in house quilters, and off you go! We will always have one of our quilters close at hands to lend a hand and answer questions. This options is just $20/hour and can save you some money at the quilters!

4. Take your OWN longarm quilting machine home!

When I first entered the quilting world I was amazed by how many people owned their own longarm. I wondered how could anyone afford such a purchase! But then when I opened the shop, I was shocked to learn that if you’re like me (making 1-2 quilts a month), you could actually save money at the quilters! It is LESS per month than what I was spending each month at the quilter’s. My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe offers interest free financing on all machines, so this makes owning your own quilting machine WAY more affordable than I ever thought possible! My cute husband, Mike, will even come to your home to install it for you!

No excuses! Those quilts are getting finished come hell or high water! Good luck girlfriends!

XOXO, Kris



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