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Hey girlfriends, it’s Kris again! Oddly enough, I LOVE to bind quilts! And I’m always trying to figure out ways to make it even easier! This week I thought I would demo the Bias Tape Maker! (It’s life changing, my friends!) But not only is it meant for binding quilts, you can also use this to make other embellishments to take your sewing to the next level! Here are some step-by-step photos!

STEP 1: Cut your fabric strip to required size of bias tape maker. (i.e. 3/4″ Bias Tape Maker = 1  1/2″ strip)

STEP 2: Insert strip through the large opening.

STEP 3: Carefully pull the end of the strip through the smaller end. (This is where the magic happens!)

STEP 4: Iron the folded edges while pulling the metal handle to avoid getting burned!

TA-DA! Easy as pie! Here is an example of the different sizes we have made.. but there are several different bias tape makers you can choose from! The possibilities are endless!

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I think that is all for this week, girlfriends! I’ll see ya soon!



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Watch Barb and Kyle demonstrate how to use a Bias Tape Maker live!


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