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Is it time for your sewing machine to have it’s annual maintenance and repair? I know, I know….I am asking the impossible.  But I have a suggestion.  If you have a vacation scheduled, it is the perfect time to drop off your machine for Maintenance and Repair (If needed!) I agree, it is so hard to do without your machine for even one day.  But if you are like us, the sewing machine is just a permanent appendage and part of your soul.   Keep your investment up and running and let The Girlfriend’s (or the Guy Friends) keep your machine in tip top shape.  We offer this machine service at the Logan, UT store and the Sandy, UT store.  The machines are serviced locally so there is no wear and tear on the machines while shipping them back and forth.

Ken works in the Logan area and here are some quick tips and tricks  on machine maintenance from the master himself!

DAILY HOW TO: Machine Maintenace with Ken! – YouTube

When I spoke to Ken he gave me some great tips.  If you sew on your machine over 4 days a week then he suggests that you have your machine serviced twice a year.  If you sew just a couple of days a week for a few hours, then you should have your machine serviced once a year.  My Girlfriend’s would love to look at your machine….sorry ladies and gents, locals girlfriends only.  We try to keep the turn around time very short.  We realize it impacts your breathing.  So if it has been awhile, let us help you!  Give us a call today.



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