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The LongArm Handi Quilter story began when Laurel Barrus could not go on vacation without her machine.  I  mean what better way to spend time at a cabin than quilting a project! She needed a frame that could fit into her car. She searched for a solution.  It seems like it always happens…when you need something, you cannot find it.  But unlike most of us she did not give up.  She went to her father and asked him to create a frame that she could use with her sewing machine.  The Handi Quilter was born.  The result was a light and small quilting frame that could be adjusted for quilt size

Handi Quilter 2-DAY Hands-On Event! Choose ANY or ALL Classes!


Well, when your friends have something cool, then you must have one as well.  Right? The fairytale began and by May 2001 a new business and concept was born.  Laurel and her team designed a quality product at an affordable price.  Handi Quilter became the only quilting machine to earn worldwide safety and electrical certificates.  (Did I mention affordable?).  Do you need more convincing?  The Girlfriends at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe will give you face to face, person to person interaction to make sure you really understand your new Handi Quilter. (Did I mention light and small?)  Still a little unsure?  (Did I mention affordable?) We offer an online 4 day Handi Quilter Event that will take you through everything Handi Quilter!

Handi Quilter VIRTUAL Event! – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

So join The Girlfriends and Laurel Barrus.  Become a member of the LongArm Handi Quilter Family.  Learn to long arm quilt.  Never be disappointed with your machine quilting again (and if you are, you only have yourself to blame!)  Come visit the Girlfriends either online or in-store and see what all the buzz is about.  (Did I mention easy, light, and affordable?)  You will never be the same or at least, you will never come out of your sewing room.


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