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Hey Girlfriends! Mallory here!

I recently joined Kris on a segment of 3 Things at 3 on Facebook LIVE. (If you haven’t watched a live segment, I highly recommend it! Lots of fun and inspiration!) In honor of Kimberbell’s new Experience the Joy of Creativity Bullet Journal, we talked all things bullet journaling. During the Facebook LIVE we talked about how therapeutic and beneficial bullet journaling has been for me. I am a firm believer that everyone should try new avenues of creativity!

You can watch the entire segment here:

Since the Facebook LIVE, people have been asking Kris to make a list of all the products that I used during the segment. I told her that I would be happy to hop on here and get you all started on one of my favorite hobbies!

1. Favorite Bullet Journal

The Kimberbell Experience the Joy of Creativity Bullet Journal is one of my favorite journals by far! It isn’t formal enough to intimidate you (sometimes it’s just too hard to put pen to paper when the journal is too fancy), but it is beautiful nonetheless! A chic, hard white cover with metallic, raised stripes. Embossed in gold is Kimberbell’s driving philosophy, “Experience the Joy of Creativity”. Filled with stiff, bleed resistant, white dotted pages and all wrapped up with a gold, sturdy, double spiral binding. It is the perfect mix between beauty and utility. Perfect for journaling, doodling, planning and dreaming up your next sewing or machine embroidery project!

One of the viewers during the segment suggested that you glue in scraps of your sewing projects as you go. You don’t always keep every sewing project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look back on them fondly when you journal about them.

2. Favorite Highlighters

Zebra Double Ended Midliners are my all-time favorite highlighters! With skinny and wide tips, they have the best colors available in the office supply world .. you may never use another highlighter again. Bonus? They very rarely bleed! I’ve tried them on a variety of papers and I haven’t been disappointed yet. But the chef’s kiss?! The gray Midliner is unique and so sophisticated! I even went ahead and bought an entire case of just gray Midliners!

Tap to shop Zebra Midliners on our Amazon

3. Favorite Pen Storage

My mother-in-law recently gifted me with a pen pouch that revolutionized the way I store my pens and take them on the go! This zipper pouch doubles as a standing solution that allows you to see all your pens as you work. Just unzip and slip the top of the pouch down! The pouch is called the Friinder Pen pencil Telescopic Holder Case and you can find it on Amazon

Amazon.com: Friinder Pen Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case, PU Corduroy Stand-up Transformer Bag Colorful Organizer, Great for Easter Spring Cosmetics Pouch Makeup Bag (Green): Home Improvement

4.  Favorite Marker Set

This Marker Set is perfect for color coding and decorating journals and notebooks.  The double sided markers create thick or thin lines because it has two tip choices.  The water based ink does not bleed through most paper.  A Bullet Journal is so much fun with doodles and colors.  Colors also help organize and categorize your personal items within your journal. For all of you sewers and quilters, a good set of Markers is a must.

My favorite set of markers can also be found at:  Amazon.com: Tombow 61501 TwinTone Marker Set, Pastel, 12-Pack. Double-Sided Markers Perfect for Planners, Journals, Doodling, and More!: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

5.  Favorite Ball Point Pen

Everybody has that favorite pen.  You know, the pen that writes perfectly and does not smudge.  The pen that allows straight lines but also curves and flourishes.  You absolutely cannot bullet journal without a favorite pen and mine just happens to be the Pilot G2.  It is a refillable gel ink that lasts a long time.  This pen features a rubber grip.  The points are available in ultra fine, extra fine, fine and bold ink.  While you are on Amazon, be sure to add this pen to your shopping cart.  You are guaranteed to love it.

Amazon.com: PILOT G2 Premium Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12-Pack (31020): Office Products

6. Favorite Stencil

And finally….Unless you are a perfect artist….You must have a stencil.  This stencil set has a variety of options for every page of your journal and every idea you can come up with. From  letters to numbers, calendar and notebook lines, and banners.  The possibilities are endless.

Amazon.com : Ultimate Productivity Stencil Set for Dotted Journals – Time Saving Planner Accessories/Supplies Kit Makes Creating Layouts Easy – Incl. Bullet Point Checklists, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Calendars : Kitchen & Dining

If you have not tried bullet journaling, pick up this Kimberbell Journal and some accessories.  Spend a few quiet moments with your thought.  Get organized or creative.  Experience for yourself the joy of creativity.

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