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Hello!  Allison here!  I cannot wait to share a new (to me) product.  The Oliso Mini Iron with a Trivet.   And the best part…. It comes in multiple colors. Isn’t it every Girlfriend’s Dream to own a pink iron?  Or how about yellow or turquoise?  For those with an incredible sewing or quilting room you can even color coordinate your iron.  I love that!

As a quilter, I know how incredibly important it is to iron as you quilt.  But the lazy part of me sometimes finger presses and hopes for the best.  If you have ever seen these irons online, in a quilt shop, your girlfriend’s house, a quilting retreat, or Pinterest, you have probably been intrigued.  I was.  But as with anything, I had a few doubts.  Now this Oliso Mini Iron claims to do some amazing things.  It has a universal voltage, one press steam control, precision tip and an 8 foot cord with 180 degree pivot. But does it work?

IT WORKS GREAT!  It heats up quickly. It stays hot (I mean really hot) during the duration of your quilting or sewing session.  Just remember that it does not have an auto shut off so unplug after each use.  The steam feature is amazing and your fingers do not carry the burns and blisters that can happen with other irons.  It comes with a silicone trivet so you can rest your iron face down. It is great for those tiny quilt pieces and the larger ones as well.

A new wool mat is also a must.  It will take up a small space so you can keep it next to your machine….Wait!  What?  I am going to give up my leg workout getting up and down to iron each and every piece?   Imagine how many quilts and projects I can get done.


Wool Pressing Mat 14-1/3in Wide x 18-7/8in Long – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

I hope you will take the plunge and try this Oliso Mini Iron. It is compact, convenient, easy to use, and oh so cute!   Just keep it in a safe place…everyone will want to use it.



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