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Hello Girlfriends!   It’s me, Allison, again!  Today I want to get a little personal and share with you a deep, dark, personal fear of mine!  I hate to do anything new.  I hate the first times.  I hate the first day of a new job, the first day of going to a new place, the first time I try a new appliance, the first time I go into a new store to shop!… There it is.  An Allison Hoth insecurity.  Anybody else with me?

I love to quilt, but I hate the thought of getting a new machine.  Well….let’s not even go down the deep dark path of a Handi Quilter.  I am quaking in my boots (slippers!)  Until… I became a girlfriend.  I have realized they never leave you alone to figure out the first times alone.

I know I am not alone as far as the Handi Quilter goes.  I could not believe how many of my fellow girlfriends have come forward to admit that they have purchased this machine and either not used it or have left it in the box.  The pro girlfriends are shaking their heads. They just don’t understand (or maybe they do and have conquered their fears.)  Well….July is our Month!  The Girlfriends and Handi Quilter are coming right to your home, virtually! We can literally join this July two-day Handi Quilter virtual event all about longarming!  And we can do it from the comforts of your own home!

This Handi Quilter two-day celebration of all things longarming has something for EVERYONE! From beginner to veteran, you are sure to learn lots from educators from Handi Quilter!

Day 1  AM features a basic class!  I am done piecing, now what?  All of these questions from Prepping your quilt top properly, choosing and marking designs on your quilt, and selecting batting and backings will all be covered in this class.

Day 1 PM Is all about feathers?  No…not your feather pillow (because you are so worn out from the AM session!)  Nope…You will conquer your feather fears in this class. We’ll start with easy ways to quilt beautiful feathers. Building off a basic spine, you’ll learn how to draw different types of feather plumes, their stitch paths, and how to make them fit into lots of different spaces.


Day 2 AM   Ahhhhh…..I love Day 2.  All the newness has worn off.  Piece of cake (or fabric) but I choose cake!  This morning we will learn all about rulers.  This class explores all the great design combinations you can create with a set of 6 rulers. Everything from creating a classic block design to accomplishing a fabulous edge to edge design can be done with these versatile rulers.

Day 2 PM  Love piecing modern quilts but afraid to quilt the straight lines? We’ll explore everything from matchstick quilting to great all over designs using the humble straight lines. Rulers and channel locks give you precise straight lines every time, even when quilting designs that look complex like crosshatching. We’ll demystify the techniques of quilting on the straight and narrow!

So be sure to reserve July 13-14 on your calendar. Join me for a calming can of Diet Coke.  Take a deep breath and sign up.  We can do this together.  I cannot wait.

Handi Quilter VIRTUAL Event! – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe


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