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Oh My Stars I am Star Struck! 

It is all about stars around the shoppe this week and we are completely star struck!  All week long we have been watching [email protected] and collecting some fantastic star block patterns!  More UFO’s are being created in my mind every day. I just might be running several marathons!

My Girlfriend’s UFO RUN Summer 2021! – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

Then I think about all of my UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) and I start seeing stars!  I think I have a UFO problem!

And…today I learned, we have a SUPERSTAR in the house tonight for “Comment Sold.”  I cannot wait until she gets here.  The SUPERSTAR that is making her guest appearance tonight is non-other than Amanda Niederhauser, also known as the Jedi Craft Girl!

Who is Amanda Niederhauser?  Well…

Amanda grew up by the side of her mother’s sewing machine, playing with buttons, zippers, and notions. She loved going to fabric stores at a young age. As a teenager she loved cross stitching and sewing shorts, scrunchies, and pillows. Amanda began quilting about 20 years ago when her friend showed her a quilt she made. It’s her love of fabric that keeps her quilting. Amanda writes quilt patterns for publications  and she authors the Jedi Craft Girl blog. Amanda has a wide range of interests which are reflected in her fabric designs.

Amanda is married with 3 children. She can be found most days in her Southern California sewing studio with her trusty assistant Mufasa. Be sure to follow them on Instagram.  Wow!  Autograph worthy for sure!  I don’t think she knows it but we are probably soul sisters.   Some of her favorite words are my favorite words…..(that must make us kin!)  She loves creativity, chocolate and cats.  But, I think she loves Halloween too which is my favorite holiday. There is no denying DNA.  She will be giving us a close up look of her Garden Cat Quilt and a tour of her Playful Precut Quilt book tonight!

One of my favorite fabric lines, Mod Meow, is designed by Amanda.

“Mod Meow is inspired by mid century colors and style with a contemporary feel for today’s quilter! And of course inspired by life with cats!! The colors are versatile and can work into any quilt project: gold, aqua, pink, green, teal, and red – all my favorites! And it gets better! There are 2 border prints which are super fun for tote bags, dress hems, pillows, and fussy cutting! And even more fun is this cat panel that has each of the funky felines so you can applique them to projects like pillows, bags, wall hangings, and this super fun cat post quilt!!”~ Amanda

I cannot wait.  So here I am.  Sitting at my desk!  Admiring star blocks!  Craving some chocolate!  Waiting until tonight!  Why am I raising my hands???

Because someone once said, “Reach for the stars, you just might become one!”  I hope they are right because my arms are getting really tired.



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