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Hey Girlfriends!

Do you remember buying your first car?  I do!  The process was excruciating.  My Dad just so happened to be a banker so he and I went on a Saturday to look for a vehicle.  It was important to me that I buy a car that looked “cool!’  I had to pay for it so it needed to be reasonably priced.  And of course…it needed a Fantastic Stereo.  We stopped at car lot after car lot.  We test drove car after car.  I got my heart broken time after time as I thought the car I drove was “THE ONE!”  For every car I drove, my dad looked under the engine, looked at the tires, carried his blue book around with him (yes, I am that old!) and opened the trunk.  There was something wrong with every car I wanted.  I went home in tears that day.

Well…since then, I have learned just how important a “test drive” is.  Especially when making a large purchase.  The Girlfriend’s and Handi Quilter know all about that.  That is why the local Sandy, Utah store is hosting the “Handi Quilter Test-Drive Event!”  You can get one-on-one experience sewing on a Handi Quilter longarm with one of the Girlfriends! Reserve your spot ahead of time online! Walk-ins welcome, too!  The opportunity is FREE.  This event is on July 16-17th and you receive your own 30 minute demo time slot to take that machine “on the road!”   Just sign up here:

Handi Quilter “Test-Drive” Event! – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

Now that sounds like a test drive I can look forward too.  Not only that, there will be an experienced demonstrator to answer all of your questions.  If you leave this test drive without a machine…it will definitely not be because of a poor experience or a faulty machine.  Whew!  In fact, prepare now, after this test drive you will own your own “cool” Handi Quilter that is reasonably priced….the Fantastic Stereo is up to you!

So what happened after my test drive?  On Monday, my sweet dad called several dealerships and set up a test drive with the “Dad-Approved, functional but cool cars!”  I found one.  I purchased it, I drove it until the wheels fell off.

So sign up today….You may find yourself test-driving, purchasing and sewing with your new Handi Quilter.  And you might just drive it until the needle falls out or the wheel falls off.  How goes the saying?  “Test drive the car before you buy it?”  Now you can.  My only advice…Leave your Dad at home (or any critic at this point) and avoid the tears.  Just take home your new machine!



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