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Hey Girlfriends,

I am back!  Thank Heavens for long weekends.  I spent my weekend prepping and launching my UFO Run.  How are you all doing?   I love following your posts and seeing your completed projects.  I have to remind myself that “Life is not about winning the race.  Life is about finishing the race!”  So I have started my race and I have discovered that I have over 26 projects but they are all big projects….but that is what this race is about.

So I started to fret and wonder where I could get a second job so I could pay for my longarm quilting on 26 UFO’s.  I sat down to research how many hours of sleep a body needed to survive (4 hours per night). I found out that when you bind 6 quilts you have two issues, you no longer have fingerprints and band-aids do not allow for easy phone research navigation.  But just winning the race sounded like an impossible feat, unless I started more UFOs without completing my old ones….(is that cheating?)

Wouldn’t you know, the local Girlfriends saved the day!  From now until July 31st My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe is offering edge-to-edge, “Stars and Loops”  quilting for only 1 penny per square inch in the Logan, Utah and Sandy, Utah locations.  What??    Stars and Loops go with everything!

So I put my running shoes back on…

I opened my sewing room door….and lived!

And I started sewing.  I sewed for 3 days!   I slept for 4 hours!  I would not recommend this!  I did not make dinner!  I did not put on makeup!  So get ready for the stack of quilts that I will be depositing this month!  I am back in the race! How about you? How are your UFO’s coming?  Share your stories with us.  But most importantly….get those quilts to My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe.  This sale will not last forever!   And keep in mind….neither will existing on 4 hours of sleep!





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