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“Run a marathon!” they said.  “It will be fun!” they said!  So I started.  How about you?

I keep forgetting that this marathon is an individual race.  I keep forgetting that we all run at our own speed.

The worst part…as I watch social media and see all of your fabulous finishes, I have decided:

  • I need a new sewing machine.  The problem, To get a new sewing machine, I have to work more hours to earn more money.  When I work more hours, I have less time at home.  When I have less time at home I cannot finish my UFO’s.  Can someone please solve this dilemma for me.
  • I want to do more projects that my girlfriends are finishing and posting.  I mean, does it count if you start more projects without finishing your old one?  Do you see my problem?
  • I have handbound 4 quilts.  How many UFO’s can you finish when your fingers and thumb is bound with bandages?

I have also ran into a few reminders to myself:

  • I must include two #’s on each post.  #mygirlfriendsquiltshoppe and #mgqsuforun.
  • If I post on Instagram, I must make my profile public.  If I keep my profile private, my friends are the only ones that can see my post, not ALL of my girlfriends  I can email my before and after pictures to [email protected] if I do not have social media.
  • I will keep track of my progress and submit my tracking sheet at the end of August.  I can find another tracking sheet here: My Girlfriend’s UFO RUN Summer 2021! – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe
  • I am on my honor system but the voice of Kris keeps repeating in my head…..”I must finish more than 26 mug rugs and book marks!”

But most of all….I must persevere and remember:




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