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If you know me, you know I love to shop.  Maybe I should change that phrase.  I love to buy, acquire, and buy some more.  I am a sucker for a deal.  I have never met a bargain I did not like.  My husband thinks it is psychological but I think I just have a knack for finding a good deal.   Well My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe is chock-full of deals.  Monday through Friday they have the [email protected] Daily Deal.  On Wednesday evenings they have a Live Comment Sold Deal. They have An Outlet on the website. But today I hit the jackpot.  Have you checked out the Notions section of the Website? Can you just say 10 items under $10?  20 items under $20?   I am in Heaven!  I truly think I have died and ended up in a Quilter’s Paradise! This video features 10 items under $10 and I love them all!


Let me just start with a few of my favorites!  Remember earlier this week when I reported on my UFO Training.  My binding UFO’s have been put on hold because I have sore fingers from hand work.  As I get further and further behind in my race, I can relish in the fact that at least I look good doing it.  I mean, Check out these Riley Blake bandages.   I grew up in an era of mecuro-chrome. flesh colored bandages (if you were lucky,) and a kiss and shove back out the door.  I have secretly envied all small children that have their “owies” fixed with Winnie-The-Pooh or “Elsa.”  Well, Riley Blake thinks of everything.  I LOVE them!

Riley Blake Bandages – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe


Speaking of my secret love for Elsa, I also have a secret love for Tiaras and Wands.  One of my favorite quilting rulers is called The Magic Wand.  (Someone knew what they were doing in that marketing department!)  I do not think I could make flying gees blocks or half square triangles without it.  It is truly Magic! Now to get The Girlfriends to sell a Tiara!


Quilter’s Magic Wand .25 Inch Marker – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe


That Purple Thang – Where do they get these names?  No more struggles with stuffing, turning, pulling, and poking at your projects. Just reach for That Purple Thang! Use the 1/4 inch flat edge to score stabilizers or paper stencils along stitching lines. Pull ribbon or elastic through elastic casings using the slotted end. 6 inches long.  Anything that relieves frustration is worth millions.  And this little wonder of the world is under $10.  I think I should have 2 or 3.  Do you think it would work with poking and prodding to get other household chores done?

That Purple Thang Tool – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe


Have you ever stepped on a pin or a needle in your bare feet?  Have you ever lost your needle in you recliner and sofa and you just knew that you would find it…..by sitting on it?  If you have, you know that this Needle Little Love case is worth its weight in gold.  This is genius!  I mean why couldn’t I think of that.

“Needle Little Love” Pink Magnetic Case – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

The best part?  I think if I order these 10 items under $10 one by one they can fit in the mailbox.  No more UPS deliveries caught on RING!  Let’s talk about who invented that!

Happy Shopping,



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