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I have finished piecing my quilt.  It is laying on the floor.  I am admiring my handy work.  I am congratulating myself.  I am secretly hoping that one of the neighbors will ring the door.  I know they will just be bringing me their leftover zuchinni, but I want someone (besides myself) to admire my quilt top. OK…..few minutes of self indulgences over!  Now the big decisions come into play.  Backing and Batting.

Well….today we are going to talk batting!  Quilt batting is used in various sewing and quilting projects.  You may also have heard it called wadding.  I have, but I am not going admit I am that old.  Batting is basically a layer of insulation and it is what makes quilts warm and heavy.  Here is where the decision making comes into play.  Define warm and heavy!  I guarantee that if you ask a group of women the answer would vary!  That is why batting makes me batty.  Choices, choices……!  Do you you choose 100% cotton, cotton-poly or 80/20, wool or bamboo.  What is the difference?  Well here is what I have found.

Cotton Batting

Cotton batting is made from natural fibers.  It is on the top of the list if you are looking for a soft texture and comfort.  It is usually used in the 1/8″ thick variety.

80/20 Cotton Poly Batting

Adding a little bit of polyester to the cotton blends allows the batting to hold it’s shape just a little bit better.  This type of batting is usually used in bedding or quilts that are used, loved and need to be washed.  It is excellent if you are hand quilting or machine quilting.


Wool batting is used for warmth but it is still lightweight.  Wool batting is also a natural option.  It is usually 1/2″ thick and it will not crease.


This batting is my personal favorite.  It is made from 50% cotton and 50% bamboo fibers and it is so soft!  Bamboo batting is breathable and ideal for machine quilting.  It does shrink just a tiny bit when washed (3-5%).

Another term that you might hear is Loft.  Loft is thickness.  It stands to reason that low loft is thin and high loft is thick.  Choose low loft if you would like flatter, thin quilts.  I always like a low loft for wall hangings or place mats.  Wool batting is usually the highest loft.  It is great for bedding (especially if you live in Idaho or Cache Valley where you need warm bedding from September to June!)

Seriously, one of the things that I am terrible at is choices.  So far I am making type choices, loft choices….and I haven’t even covered price and drape.  Do you see why I am a little batty??

So, that is why I love the Girlfriend’s.  They will advise you and help you with batting decisions.

Now…..I have a few more things that drive me batty…but that is for another blog but I will give you a little hint…..

Signing off…I need to fold up the quilt top that has been laying on the floor for 2 weeks waiting for someone to come visit.


Check out Anna’s awesome reel!  She posts on Instagram so be sure to follow My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe to see all of her posts.   You will be waiting for the next one.

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