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Why Join The Club? (“The Club” 2022)

What is “The Club”?

“The Club” is a year-long membership for our online classes, exclusive patterns and printables, block swaps, discounts, and so much more!

If you join before January 15th, 2022 you can access the club for the reduced price of $99!! As of January 16th, membership will be full price at $149. 

Our prices may be going up for next year’s membership (2023), if you join before January 15th for $99, you can lock in your low price. This means that in the future you will be locked in at the price of $99 per year for this exclusive membership!

What’s covered in “The Club”:

  • Patterns & Printables
    • Access to downloadable patterns for a variety of projects including some of our popular Three Things at Three projects!
    • Access to printables like tags and technique sheets to help you perfect your sewing skills!
  • The “QC” Vault
    • The “QC” Vault features quick clips that teach a variety of techniques, tricks, and tips for sewing, quilting, and embroidery!
      • Some clips even contain links to patterns for the featured projects.
  • Online Classes
    • This section of the club features long form content and classes! Follow along with these fun classes ranging from basic to advanced techniques, quilts, pillows, and even machine embroidery!
  • Private Facebook Page
    • Our private Facebook page for the club is set up specifically for club members. Members can share photos of projects and ask questions.
    • Make new friends with similar interests and learn from each other.
    • Participate in fun challenges for gift cards and more!
    • The Club page also features MGQS updates!!
  • Invitations for Block Swaps (and other swaps)
    • Club members can participate in block swaps and other swaps as they are announced through the Facebook page and Club emails.
  • Monthly Coupons
    • Enjoy exclusive coupons released monthly ONLY for club members!
  • 50% off MOST classes offered by MGQS


Why Join?

  • This year members of the club have already received access to a brand new pattern for FREE!
  • Even at full price, there are so many benefits to this club that help you get the best bang for your buck!
    • Discounts on patterns and classes help the membership to pay for itself
      • MGQS exclusive  patterns are free.
      • Most classes are 50% off.
  • Even at full price, your membership comes out to just over $12 per month


Still not convinced? Let’s run some numbers!

Most patterns that club members get for free typically cost $4.99. Classes (except for Kimberbell and machine owner courses) are discounted for members. For example, our Sweet and Simple Series 2022 Jan/Feb (Online Class) runs for $60. Club members have access for only $30.

An approximate $5 savings on most patterns and anywhere from $5-$30 off courses proves the value of this membership!




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