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How to Sew a Buttonhole on Your Sewing Machine

Hey Girlfriends! I can safely bet that many of you either once feared or still fear the dreaded button hole! How can I say this so confidently?! Well I too once avoided sewing a buttonhole at ALL COSTS! That was until I found out how EASY it is to sew a button hole as...

Four Ways Get a Project Quilted!

Hi Girlfriends! Kris here! When I first started My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe I knew exactly what I wanted to give our customers. One of those things was OPTIONS! Even way back then, I was very skilled at ALMOST finishing a project. I would finish my quilt top, and...

The Mystery of Multiple Bobbin Cases!

Have you ever wondered why you have so many bobbin cases packaged inside of your sewing machine?! Well Doug straight from Baby Lock Headquarters says it best! Watch this video to discover when and why you would use all these different bobbin cases! Good luck and have...

How to Machine Embroider a Hat!

Learn how to machine embroider your own design onto a had using the hat hoop on the ten needle embroidery machine! Lisa is our in-house machine embroidery pro! If you ever have questions about a machine embroidery project, she is the gal to ask! Enjoy this quick video...

Free Motion Quilting on Your Sewing Machine

Free motion quilting is so much fun and there is so much that you can do with it! Easily finish your projects using this fun technique on your sewing machine! Barb and McKaylee will show you how in this simple video below!

Get the Perfect Half Square Triangles Every Time!

Recently a customer asked me to create blog posts with my favorite rulers and how to use them! This is the second in a series! To read about the first ruler that I shared read my blog post: Girlfriend Tip: Get the Perfect Flying Geese EVERY TIME! Today I am sharing...

How to Trouble Shoot Your Sewing Machine

Hey Girlfriends! It's Barb here! If you don't know me yet, I am your local Baby Lock Machine Specialist! I love helping all my girlfriends find the perfect machine for them! I think there is nothing better than seeing a dear friend's face light up when they sew on...

Get the Perfect Flying Geese EVERY TIME!

The first ruler I would like to share with you all is the Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler. This is my absolute favorite way to get the perfect flying geese every time!

How To Clean Your Machine!

We all know that a quilter's greatest partner is their machine! However, we often overlook and forget that our partner in crime needs some taking care of too! Don't let bigger problems interrupt your quilting by overlooking normal maintenance and cleaning. It's still...


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