Reading a sewing pattern may seem daunting, but with these four simple tips from your Girlfriends, you'll be reading patterns and sewing like a pro in no time! 

Tip 1: Read the entire pattern before you being sewing.
Reading an entire pattern before starting a project will help you answer any questions as you sew or clarify beginning steps that are building blocks for later. For example, if step 5 doesn't make sense or seems out of order, by reading the entire pattern, you'll understand step 5 is laying the foundation to accomplish step 12. 

 Tip 2: Read the instructions, not just the diagrams.
While the diagrams can be useful, the text instructions help guide you through each part of the sewing process to ensure you don't miss any small, vital steps that may not be apparent on the diagram. 

 Tip 3: Understand sewing terms and lingo used in the pattern.
Sometimes sewing instructions can seem like they are in a different language, full of sewing lingo you may not understand. Read here to learn all the sewing lingo you need to know.

Tip 4: Look for asterisks in patterns.
Asterisks in instructions indicate that there will be additional information to help you with the pattern, usually at the bottom of the page. An asterisk may indicate that a different cut of fabric can be used, give you helpful sub-cutting information, or helpful tips that will make cutting your pattern easier. 

Follow these four tips to guarantee you can read, and better yet, understand your pattern to sew everything your heart dreams of!

December 09, 2022


Bonnie Goodland said:

I just watched your video on the Click It Bag and you mentioned that there were written directions for it….I cant seem to find it on your . Is it still available? Thank you for the delightful video…I was laughing along with the two of you!

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