If you are beginning to sew, here are 5 tips from your Girlfriend to get you sewing like a pro in no time.

Tip 1: Start With an Easy Fabric
Not all fabrics are created equal, with some being easier to sew than others. If you are beginning to sew, start with an easier fabric like cotton. Cotton is the most accessible and versatile fabric to work with and makes nearly anything.

Tip 2: Pre-Wash Your Fabric
Most fabrics will shrink when you wash them, cotton being one of them. Pre-washing your fabric ensures your finished product doesn't become ruined after completion due to shrinkage.

Tip 3: Press As You Go
Pressing your fabric as you sew will help you maintain the shape of it, flatten your seams and edges, and help prevent mistakes.

Tip 4: Go Slow
Put your machine at a slower speed setting and take your time. Taking your time on a project will help you avoid mistakes, ensure you don't miss any steps and give you the time to enjoy sewing your project.

Tip 5. Sew What You Love
You should always sew projects that bring you joy and take the time to explore who you are as a sewist at this beginning stage. Make adjustments to patterns that fit your style, use fabrics that make you happy, and if you aren't loving something, don't be afraid to start over or start something new!

December 09, 2022

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