You've decided you want to become a sewer, which means you need to gear up with all the essential tools (known as notions) you will need to make this hobby happen. While there are many sewing tools that you will eventually need as you move on to more advanced sewing projects, you can begin to sew with a short list of tools for now. 

Here is a Girlfriend's Guide for collecting the sewing tools every beginner needs. It will cover which sewing tools are a must (plus a few fun bonus ones) and will have you sewing in no time. 

  1. Sewing Machine
    The first sewing tool on our list will come as no surprise. If you are going to become a sewer, you need a sewing machine. However, you don't need to buy a $3,000 machine for now. Here is a list of some of the best beginner sewing machines that are budget-friendly and produced by quality sewing machine brands. Read more about buying your first sewing machine here. 

2. Fabric Scissors
While cutting mats and rotary cutters are super helpful, the only cutting tool you need to start sewing is a quality pair of fabric scissors. This tool needs to be dedicated to sewing and sewing alone--meaning your favorite pair of kitchen scissors will not do. Investing in a quality pair of sewing scissors is a must! 

3. Seam Ripper
You will soon learn as a sewer that the best tool in your sewing kit is a seam ripper. This sewing tool doesn't need to cost a lot to get the job done, but they make any project infinity easier to accomplish! 

4. Measuring Tape & Thread Scissors
Taking accurate and precise measurements with sewing is essential, making a measuring tape a must-have sewing tool. Any measuring tape will do, though there are retractable options that are very compact and convenient to use. Generally, you can find options that include a pair of thread scissors, another tool that is a must-have for sewers.

5. Needles & Pins
Needles will be the tool you will go through the most frequently, but luckily they are very inexpensive. Splurging (talking $3 here) is a good choice that ensures your needles are durable and will not break as easily. Look for sewing needles that come in universal packs that will work with your sewing machine and replace your needles when they start to snag your fabric. Grab some pins while you are at it.

There you have it--a beginner's sewing tool list (plus a few bonus tools) that won't break the bank and will make your sewing experience an ab-sew-lute success! To learn more about what you need to begin sewing, read these Skills Every Beginner Sewer Needs to Learn.

December 08, 2022

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