You may be wondering what skills you need to have to be able to start sewing. Do you need to learn anything before you start? How much do you have to learn? Is it possible to learn everything you need to? The answer is YES!

This is your official Girlfriend's Guide to the 7 sewing skills you need to start sewing. 

  1. Learn How To Use Your Sewing Machine
    The first thing you need to learn is your machine. While most beginning sewing machines share the same features, each will vary depending on the machine brand you use. This is why you should learn to use your specific sewing machine because doing this will help you successfully learn the remaining skills listed below. Read here to learn Parts of a Sewing Machine

 2. Learn the Sewing Lingo
Did you realize you would need to learn a second language when starting to sew? Not really...but pretty much. There are a lot of terms to know when sewing, and knowing these terms will make following patterns and finding the right products for your projects so much easier. Learn all the lingo here. 

 3. Learn How to Insert + Remove the Needle
Getting poked by a sewing needle is inevitable and sort of the unofficial initiation into the sewing club. However, learning to insert and remove your sewing needles correctly should help you avoid mass injury and pain while you sew. Read more about how to Insert and Remove Your Sewing Machine Needle

 4. Learn How to Thread Your Sewing Machine
While threading your sewing machine may seem daunting, it is a simple process and one you need to know. Luckily for you, sewing machines have numbered parts to guide you through the threading process, making it a relatively easy skill for anyone to master. Read more about how to Thread Your Sewing Machine. 

 5. Learn How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension
This skill is very important because your sewing machine tension determines how your stitching will come out, whether you want them to be slack, tight, or something in between. Making sure you have the right tension on your machine is essential! Learn how to adjust your sewing machine tension here.

6. Learn Basic Sewing Stitches
Learning the basic sewing stitches will help you know what stitch to use on your varying projects, which will determine the successful (or unsuccessful) outcome of your beginning projects. From a running stitch to a blanket stitch, you need to know all basic sewing stitches. Learn the 5 Basic Stitches for Beginners here. 

 7. Learn How to Use a Pattern
You will need to follow and use a pattern on your beginning projects so as you become more skilled as a sewer, you will be able to follow harder patterns, and perhaps someday create your own. This is why learning how to use simple patterns is a must! Learn how to read a pattern here. 

While there are many skills you will eventually need as a sewer, these seven essential skills you will need as a beginning sewer will get the job done.

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December 08, 2022

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