The time has finally come for you to buy your first sewing machine, and you are probably full of questions. How much money should you spend on your first sewing machine? What brand of sewing machine is best for you? Where is the best place to buy your sewing machine? 

This is your official Girlfriend’s Guide that will answer all your questions to help you find your perfect sewing machine!


  1. How Much Should You Spend on Your First Sewing Machine?
    As long you purchase your sewing machine from a quality brand, you can get away with spending between $150-$300. Lower prices on a reputable sewing machine brand is not reflect on the quality of the machine, but indicates the machines functions and capabilities. For this reason, Baby Lock Zest and Janome 3160 are two of the best beginner sewing machines as they provide high-quality functions a beginning sewer needs for a small investment. 

  2. What Brand of Sewing Machine Should You Buy?
    There are many quality sewing machine brands, but when considering the best of the best, Janome and Baby Lock is at the top of the list. Beginner sewing machines should be simple to operate, durable, and produce excellent stitch quality, which are all features these brands provide in their machines. You truly can't go wrong with these brands. 

  3. Where Should You Buy Your First Sewing Machine 
    You wouldn’t buy a car without going to a dealership and testing it out, right? The same should apply when you are buying your first sewing machine. Find a dealer that can guide you to a sewing machine in your budget and is right for your sewing needs. Not only will a dealership have the best machines and prices, but buying with one will generally give you access to education, maintenance, and repairs you may need.


Your first sewing machine can make or break your sewing journey, so you want it to be perfect for you. Following this Girlfriend's Guide for finding your first sewing machine should give you a SEAMLESS buying experience that will make you SEW happy with this important purchase. To learn more about sewing machines, read Parts of a Sewing Machine.

December 08, 2022


Catherine said:

I have several machines inherited or given to me and need to learn how to use them.
My Kingston that I have had since 1968 is my go to ( just straight stitch) however I would like to learn how to use these ‘newer’ yet still older machines. A Singer is in a cabinet, from my MIL, I do not have instruction books for all of the machines.

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