If you have sewing machine tension issues, you may be surprised to learn that there are a few solutions to fix any tension issues--none of which have anything to do with adjusting the tension on your sewing machine.

It's generally not recommended to adjust the tension on your sewing machine unless you take it to a professional, which should only happen after you've tried to troubleshoot your sewing machine yourself by following this Girlfriend's Guide Sewing Machine Tension Checklist:

  1. Is your machine threaded correctly? Learn How to Thread Your Machine
  2. Is your machine clean? Learn How to Clean Your Machine
  3. Is your needle sharp + inserted correctly? Learn How to Insert Needle
  4. Are you using the correct thread for your project?
  5. Did you check the manual first for any troubleshooting tips?

Having the correct needle, a properly threaded machine, the right thread, and a clean machine are four factors that will affect the tension on your sewing machine--for the good or the bad.

If you've gone through this checklist and your tension issues still aren't resolved, you may attempt to adjust the top needle tension very cautiously. However, never adjust the tension on your bobbin. If you've reached this point, it is time to take your sewing machine to a professional technician.

To learn more about tension issues on your sewing machine, read here

December 09, 2022

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