Cleaning your sewing machine is a simple, but essential task. Here is your step-by-step Girlfriend's Guide to cleaning your sewing machine. 

  • STEP 1
    Before you begin, always unplug your machine to prevent accidents. Then remove the throat plate because this is the area of which most of the dust and fabric fibers tend to gather. To remove, refer to your manual because some machines use a screwdriver for removal, while other throat plates simply slide off.  

  • STEP 2
    Use a sewing cleaning brush to collect all fabric, debris, and dust in your sewing machine. Do not use an air compressor because it can lodge debris inside your sewing machine and damage it. Continue to clean your bobbin case (if applicable), as well as inside and in between the feed dogs. 

  • STEP 3
    Now that your machine is clean, it's time to oil your sewing machine. Using an oil made specifically for sewing machines, use one hand to turn the hand wheel, and once identifying where the moving parts touch, apply a tiny bit of oil to that area of the sewing machine. Once you've oiled, move the wheel back and forth several times to work in the oil. 

  • STEP 4
    Using a piece of fabric scraps, absorb any additional oil on your machine to prevent getting oil on your next sewing project. You are then ready to replace the throat plate and use your sewing machine.

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December 09, 2022

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