Thin It to Win It - 2023 Girlfriend UFO Challenge


Are you ready for this year's 2023 UFO (unfinished objects) Girlfriend Challenge?!? Let's "lose those lbs" of unfinished sewing projects weighing us down, so we can start new projects for a new year!

The best part's FREE TO JOIN and you'll receive a gift when you've completed the challenge.

Here's how it works:

  • The event runs from January 9th and ends March 31st.
  • Sign up for the FREE online challenge by adding this product to your cart and checking out. 
  • You will get an email including a downloadable points tracking page, "Thin It", to print out and keep track of your progress.
  • Each hour you work on a UFO counts towards 1lb of "weight loss". 1 hour = 1 pound.
  • During weekly "weigh-ins" we encourage you to share your progress with "before and after" photos of your project on the 

    Friends of My Girlfriend's Facebook group page, plus, share with us how many "lbs you lost" (aka: points you earned with sewing hours). We LOVE when you share on FB! That is what makes these challenges so much fun!

  • For every 10 lbs (10 hours = 10 points/pounds) you "lose" you will be sent a digital key chain charm via email

  • To receive your digital charms, fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM  for every time you earn 10 points.

  • Once you have received all 5 digital keychain charms (50 hours of sewing, which breaks down to only 5 hours a week to complete the challenge), you have completed the challenge and will be mailed the real charms on a keychain as our gift to you for joining our challenge!

This is one of our favorite Girlfriend challenges we do because it is what being a Girlfriend is all about--supporting each other, sewing together, and having fun together! Let's shed some fabric lbs and get those unfinished projects to the finish line so we can start new ones together!

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