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Perfect Binding and Mitered Corners

Perfect Binding and Mitered Corners....is it even possible?  If you caught [email protected] with Kris on Thursday, July 9, 2021 you now know it certainly is.  Kris spilled all of her tips and tricks on creating the perfect edge to any of your quilting and sewing projects.  I mean,...

Handi Quilter “Test Drive” Event!

Hey Girlfriends! Do you remember buying your first car?  I do!  The process was excruciating.  My Dad just so happened to be a banker so he and I went on a Saturday to look for a vehicle.  It was important to me that I buy a car that looked "cool!'  I had to pay for...

How “Sweet” It Is! The Table Topper I Mean!

Hello!  It is finally Friday!  Allison Hoth here wishing you a great weekend!  When I say the word "Sweet" what do you think of?  Well let me tell you, I think of cookies.  I think of candy.  I think of cupcakes.  And....I also think of this Sweet Table Topper from A...

Flying The Flag with Designer, Amy Smart

Good Day Girlfriends!  Summer is my favorite season and the summer holidays are right around the corner.  I love all of the holidays that center around freedom, our flag and the colors Red, White and Blue!  I cannot wait for parades, fireworks and summer picnics. Do...

Virtual Summer Bunting Quilt Class with Designer, Amy Smart

Hello! The Girlfriends are so excited to welcome Amy Smart as she presents her Summer Bunting Quilt in an online class on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 10:00 MDT. Our guest designer, Amy Smart loves all aspects of the quilting world. Her favorite focus for her collections...

February Stashbuster Challenge BONUS Pattern!

Hey girlfriends, Kris here! I know you've all been anxiously waiting for the BONUS pattern for February! So... here it is! These are just some ideas (but not limited to) to use up those left over blocks! I've made pillows, table runners, pincushions... all sorts of...

Kimberbell Orange Pop Rulers!

Hey girlfriends, it's Kris! As I was thinking about what to demo this week, I immediately thought of this new video that Kimberbell Designs just came out with! If I do say so myself, these rulers are revolutionary! (ha ha I am only a little biased towards my sister!)...

How to Use a Bias Tape Maker!

Hey girlfriends, it's Kris again! Oddly enough, I LOVE to bind quilts! And I'm always trying to figure out ways to make it even easier! This week I thought I would demo the Bias Tape Maker! (It's life changing, my friends!) But not only is it meant for binding quilts,...

The Machine That Is Sweeping the Nation… the Baby Lock SASHIKO!

Hey girlfriends, Kris here! As I am scrolling through my Pinterest, all I can see are pictures of the SASHIKO! It's the machine that is on the rave right now! Crazy enough, it only does one stitch! BUT it embellishes any item in such a unique way. Pay close attention...

Embroidered Watercolor Cards!

Gear up for the holidays with these new Kimberbell Watercolor Cards! You’ll want to make them for every occasion!


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