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18 UFOs in 2018 Downloadable Form – FREE!


UFO sightings are REAL! We know…we’ve seen them ourselves! They’re hiding under our sewing tables and being stashed  in our closets. Those “once-held-promises-of-potential-loveliness” have gone by the wayside and are longing to be complete!
If you haven’t guessed yet, those UFOs are our UnFinished OBJECTS! (PROJECTS!) Ha, ha. Let’s make 2018 the year to FINISH!
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Post 18 finished UFOs in 2018 using the hashtags:


What is a VIG?!
When you become a very important girlfriend, you will receive your very own VIG tote bag along with other exclusive sales, savings and first picks at events!
Download your FREE participation sheet to make your list! Yes, we know you may have more than 18 – but let’s focus on being realistic! And let’s be honest… if you finish 18, that is no small feat either! 🙂
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