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Around the Block with Carmen Geddes (Replay)


Join Carmen Geddes as she takes you through all her tips and tricks on how to successfully piece a quilt using fusible grid.


Around the Block (Replay)

Instructor: Carmen Geddes

Cost: $20 + materials

Supply List:

You must sign up for this Around The Block Online Class.  Carmen Geddes will introduce a new and exciting way to piece quilts.  She will take us back to the original way of piecing quilts, one square at a time.  The Easy Piecing Grid combined with traditional foundation piecing tecniques will provide an end result of an amazing masterpeice.

Do you want a head start?  Get a sneak peek with Kris as she demonstrates how to use Tensister’s Fusible Grid.

DAILY HOW TO: Using Tensister’s Fusible Grid – YouTube


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