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Chenille Texture Brush


A small bent wire brush for releasing fibers and creating texture. The Chenille Texture Brush is perfect for smaller projects,  especially those that you don’t want to wash.  Brush dry for a fringed look, or spritz with water and brush, then fluff in the dryer for a more traditional chenille look.


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Making a beautiful, cuddly project, whether it is a Quilt or hot pads is easy with the Chenille Texture Brush.  Simply brush sewn strips to start the fluff, then spray with a little water (you could even add a little fabric softener for extra softness) and brush again to separate the fibers.  You will love the soft fluffy chenille result provided by the Chenille Texture Brush!

Love Chenille but still a little nervous about using this brush or even making your own Chenille...then this video is for you!  Nannette Holmberg of Chenille-It turns that ordinary quilt into something extraordinary with innovative techniques! Plus, she shares with Kris Thurgood (of My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe) a trunk show, lots of inspiration, tips and tricks! You cannot do better that watching this video from the creator herself.

Makers Online Sewing Summit: Nannette Holmberg of Chenille-It - YouTube

Are you ready to start you project?  Please let me recommend Havel's 2 in 1 Rotary and Chenille Slash Cutter.  The 28mm compact Chenille-Technique Rotary Cutter is designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric with the tungsten carbide blade. 2-in-1 comfort cutter is a chenille slash cutter and a 28mm rotary cutter in one tool. Includes 4 guides for narrow, medium, wide and extra wide Chenille channels.  Now I have tried this product (a little hesitantly) and it is a dream.  I do not think I would attempt to make chenille without it.

Havel's 2-in-1 Rotary & Chenille Slash Cutter - My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe






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