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Clover Hera Marker Pressing Tool


The Clover Hera Marker Pressing Tool is great for Applique and Sewing .. With it’s small tip, the Hera marker is easy to handle and best suited for marking and creasing on applique or reverse applique.

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The Clover Hera  Marker Pressing Tool is a hard plastic piece of wonderful.  By running the rounded edge along most woven fabrics (including quilt-weight cotton) you can create a delicate crease.

Even though the hera marker seems to be a humble piece of plastic, do not be deceived.  You may think that a butter knife will work just as well, every quilter and girlfriend should still own one.

Are you a lefty who is sick and tired of living in a righty world?  The Clover Hera Marker Pressing Tool knows just how you feel and has made the bold and controversial choice to be ambidextrous.  You can use this marker with either hand without sacrificing comfort.

The name hera “marker” can be confusing, so just to be clear – this tool ONLY makes creases, not actual marks.  This means there is no girlfriend panic because your marks are not washing out.

Do you want to add more Clover tools to your arsenal?  The Clover Point 2 Point  Turning is designed to turn every point perfectly.  The curved end has a tip for point turning and fine tipped end is perfect for more detailed work.  It is designed  to be comfortable and secure when using either hand.

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