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Kimberbell Deluxe Embroidery Scissors and Tools

(46 customer reviews)


Made of the finest steel, Kimberbell’s Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tools are a must-have for every stitching enthusiast!


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Kimberbell Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tools

by Kimberbell Designs

Designed with exclusive innovations, Kimberbell’s Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tools feature sharp blades that cut all the way to the tip and large, double-loop rings for a comfortable grip in every hand. Protect fabric and stitches while cutting applique pieces with their 5” Duckbill Applique Scissors, then trim intricate details with Sharp Snips! Their Precision Fine Tip Tweezers With Blade have blades on all four sides, ideal for unpicking basting stitches, while their 4” Micro Tips feature a longer blade for precise clipping.


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46 reviews for Kimberbell Deluxe Embroidery Scissors and Tools

  1. Ruth Stover (verified owner)

    This Scissor set is one of the best I’ve tried and I’ve been sewing many years!!

  2. Jean Sortino

    I love these tools. The best I’ve ever purchased.

  3. Beth konz (verified owner)

    These scissors are great for machine embroidery. Very accurate and give you a close cut.

  4. Wanda Richardson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tool set. It has made my machine embroidery projects so much easier. I highly recommend them.

  5. Celia (verified owner)

    I love my Kimberbell tools set. It is so nice that it comes in a nice, compact tool kit. The tools are very functional. Together they cover a wide range of capabilities. They live very near my embroidery machines so they are the first thing I grab when I am doing applique.

  6. Tami (verified owner)

    I’ve used every item in this box and they are top shelf. Worth every penny.

  7. Deanna Anderson

    As a leftie I was unsure but these work great for me. I still prefer my non-duckbill left handed scissors for trimming appliqué, but I think that is partly habit. The case is great to protect them by my machine.

  8. Jenette N Peek (verified owner)

    I love this set. The scissors are so much lighter and easier to handle than the ones I already owned. It allows me to trim closer and results in better embroidery designs.

  9. Stephanie Green

    I love this set of scissors. They are high quality easy to use, they cute nice. They are just great.

  10. Donna Guthridge (verified owner)

    Love this product. The tips are so precise and sharp. Makes working with them easier.

  11. Stephanie Green

    They are awesome scissors. They are high quality easy to use, they cut nice. Glad I bought them.

  12. Dorothy A Glaser

    Love the scissors. I can trim close without any problems

  13. Ramona Christensen=Butler

    I love this set of tools. Especially the tweezers

  14. Joanne (verified owner)

    Love, love love it! So handy and it helps to be more precise!

  15. Linda Orton (verified owner)

    Love these scissors for so many reasons! Perfect for embroidery and applique, ashwell as general sewing.

  16. Cindy West (verified owner)

    The scissors are the best. I was surprise, but they turned out to be the ones I go to first, when doing my projects.

  17. Ginny Kleven

    love them..Love the larger finger holes and use them all the time

  18. Glenna Campana (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. High quality, comfortable usage, even for a leftie. Storage case even helps me stay organized.

  19. Lisa (verified owner)

    ❤️. Need I say more.

  20. Bridgett Miller

    I love the set. It was my Christmas gift to me. I embroidered on handkerchiefs for my granddaughters wedding. Since you have to turn off the jump stitch I had a lot of thread cutting to do. The snips were wonderful and made that job easier. I had never used duckbill scissors before. They are wonderful for applique. So many good uses for the and they are really sharp.

  21. Colleen Bese

    My very own embroidery surgical kit! Tools make the job easier and top of the line tools like these make it easier to make a beautiful project!

  22. Vereatha Morales (verified owner)

    I really love this set. While I do have my favorite pieces, the whole set is used when I am doing a project! Really beautiful also!

  23. Stephanie Divino

    Loves this set!

  24. Lee Ann Brickson (verified owner)

    Great tools for all embroidery and appliqués.

  25. Ellen G Youngbluth (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Excellent quality, case keeps them from damage and easy to locate.

  26. Mary Seehusen

    I really like my new Kimberbell scissor/tool set!

  27. Sharon Blaylock

    I really like these for embroidery. The snips are great for getting into small places. I love using then!!

  28. Bette Jo. Davis (verified owner)

    I love my Kimberbell tool kit. I especially love my snips. I’ve used all of the tools and love the quality of each piece. I love the tin they come in. It gives me a definite place to return them to. I’ve had them for several months and I haven’t lost them yet 😄

  29. Connie Peterson

    I have a couple of other brands of scissors. Comparing them I have to say the Kimberbell set is the best.

  30. Debra R. Gran

    I absolutely love this kit. These are excellent quality and each one assists with a different need.

  31. Sherry Alford (verified owner)

    Love the set, easy to hold and guide along the fabric . First time using the duck bill , makes my projects look perfect.

  32. Pam (verified owner)

    They are great, very sharp. Love the pointed snips.

  33. Jeannine Spencer

    You can’t go wrong with a good set of cutting tools. These are super sharp.

  34. patti edwards (verified owner)

    I love this set. It is a nice variety of quality, super sharp tools.

  35. Dawn Searfoss

    My first favorite out of the box was the small duck bill scissor, it great when working in a smaller hoop. But then I became hooked on the snips, these are my go to for any single thread snip in the hoop or not. But the other night when I put a triple French knot in the wrong spot, these tiny tweezers allowed me with ease to remove it carefully without incident. If only, these items could be purchased separately, one for each machine station, oh how wonderful life would be. I’d have a pair of these snips at every machine I have. Thank You Kimberbell for this great set.

  36. Amy Collins

    I love this scissor set! They are such a good quality set, and am using the snips and tweezers all the time. Thanks for a great product and in a cute little Kimberbell tin too, who can resist that:)

  37. Tammy Winterfeldt

    Using these tools for machine embroidery. Nice clean and close cuts. 🙂

  38. Sheryl Hynek (verified owner)

    Very comfortable in the hand!! Easy to use.
    Having sharp tools handy and not having to hunt for them is certainly a plus

  39. Ruth Abid (verified owner)

    I’m very new to embroidery and was hunting for tools that would help me. I saw this set of tools while watching a MGQS Zoom class, and I knew I needed them. It’s so nice to have a whole set so that I can pick the perfect scissors/snips for each step of my project. Great buy!

  40. Jo Ann George (verified owner)

    Using these scissors for machine embroidery. Very sharp and easy to cut/trim accurately.

  41. LeAnne Adams

    I. Love. Them! All my cutting is more precise. The fine point tweezers have helped correct many unfortunate mistakes without damaging the project!

  42. Debra White

    I love these tools so much, I ordered a second set. BEST EVER.

  43. G. Margolis (verified owner)

    I do like these tools very much. I do wish the snips were a but larger for my hands to hold. But they are sharp and do exactly what they were advertised to do.

  44. Judy Crane (verified owner)

    Thanks, Kimberbell, for a GREAT scissor set! I really like all of them but I especially like the length of the duckbill one. I already had the Gingher duckbill (which are great and are really sharp) but sometimes they are too long to maneuver in some of my hoop projects and the Kimberbell one is just perfect (and very sharp also)!

  45. ckbk3141

    I’m so happy with this set of scissors! Using these recently in the #familygamenight made making the projects so much easier

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