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Featherweight Club Bobbins, Singer Featherweight 221 222 301, Roll of 10


ROLL of 10* Superior Quality Bobbins for the Singer Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 Sewing Machines. Quaint little roll with red cap ends to keep all your bobbins stored neatly and securely with no more run away threads! To access the bobbins, simply push up either cap end with your thumb and the cap will slip right off.

TIP:  Wind all bobbins first using your favorite and most commonly used thread (Dove Grey is amazing!). Then use one end of the roll to dispense filled bobbins and the other end to return the used ones!

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These superior quality bobbins have been personally tested on our Singer Featherweight machines and consistently proven over and over to fit and function exactly as the vintage originals.  We do not sell anything that we would not use for our own personal sewing and quilting.  You’ll notice that our bobbins differ in that the center hole is pressed to the inside of the cylinder, so there is no lip on the surface of the bobbin, which can cause the thread to sometimes catch.

*A quantity of 1 will be counted as a “Set of 10” individual bobbins in a roll, so if you choose a quantity of 2, you will receive two rolls of 10 bobbins in each, so on and so forth.

Also, just for clarity — many of the bobbins found in “Singer” packages at your local sewing store indicate that they fit the Singer model 221, 222 & 301.  However, when those bobbins have been tested they reveal inconsistencies in manufacturing.  Therefore, we only carry these specially made bobbins – guaranteed to fit.

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