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Hemingworth 1000m PolySelect Thread / Pure White 1001


Quality embroidery depends on thread that is strong, vibrant, colorfast, and consistent. That’s what makes Hemingworth Thread so remarkable! Each Hemingworth thread spool comes with the spool, cap and stopper system and contains 1000 meters of 40 wt, trilobal, polyselect, high-sheen embroidery thread. This amazing thread is 100% colorfast, soft and supple, with superb stitching results. Hemingworth thread is known for its durability and strength, as well as its brilliant luster. It is suitable for home and commercial embroidery machines, sewing and quilting machines. Hemingworth thread is ideal for digitized embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.

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Embroiderers have faced the challenge of effectively storing embroidery thread, and as any embroiderer can attest, unraveling and untangling are all too familiar and frustrating problems. Hemingworth’s patented protective cap solves these problems. It preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and UV rays. It also makes the thread easy to handle and store. The removable stopper traps the thread tail, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage.


While the thread is being used, the opening at the top of the cap provides a smooth, easy thread feed from any direction, decreasing snagging and thread breaks. As your thread consistently feeds from the spool to the machine without tangling, snagging, or unraveling, your embroidery process will become streamlined and pleasant, allowing you to create lasting works of art.

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Pure White 1001, Marshmallow 1118, Snowflake 1148, Eggshell 1229, Champagne 1171, Classic Black 1000, Black Stallion 1079, Antique Silver 1077, Antique Gray 1243, Storm Cloud 1069, Silvery Gray 1239, Silver Lining 1068, Chrome 1072, Pewter Gray 1073, Graphite 1244, Granite 1240, Charcoal 1087, Platinum 1070, Dove Gray 1067


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