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Kimberbell Basics Thread Kit / Hemingworth


This bundle of 52 Hemingworth Machine Embroidery Threads coordinate perfectly with Kimberbell’s basics fabric collection.

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Product Description

Contains 52 different colors of thread.  Available in Hemingworth

There a lots of things to love about Hemingworth Machine Embroidery Thread!

  • Vibrant, lustrous shades in tri-lobal polyester
  • The unique thread cap that protects the thread from dust, oils from your fingers, and bruising
  • The label that tells you the thread color, thread name, and even the thread sequence number (that little number to the right of the bar code)

Product Reviews

1 review for Kimberbell Basics Thread Kit / Hemingworth

  1. Cathy (verified owner)

    Beautiful threads. I love the ease of matching the threads to the Kimberbell fabrics.

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