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Kimberbell Embroidery Felt

(32 customer reviews)


Soft and fun to stitch, our premium Embroidery Felt comes in a variety of beautiful colors.



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Soft and fun to stitch, our premium Embroidery Felt comes in a variety of beautiful colors, including:

  • Antique White
  • Buttermilk
  • Cherry Red
  • French Pink
  • Pistachio
  • Pine
  • Gingerbread
  • Fresh Mint

Available as a 12 x 18” sheet, Embroidery Felt is ideal for Noel’s Quilted Stockings, applique’ embellishments, and other heart “felt” Kimberbell projects!

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Antique White, Buttermilk, Cherry Red, French Pink, Pistachio, Pine, Gingerbread, Fresh Mint, Bundle

32 reviews for Kimberbell Embroidery Felt

  1. Ruth (verified owner)

    The embroidery felt is a dream to work with! I love all things Kimberbell!!

  2. Beth Bullard

    I fell in love with the felt the first time I used it. So soft. I’ve ordered 15 more rolls!

  3. Vickie Draper (verified owner)

    The felt is nice. Good colors.

  4. Valerie Raiche

    Love this product, I use it on all sorts of my different projects.

  5. Dwanee

    Love the feel of the felt for all embellishments and works great for appliqué

  6. Linda Conti (verified owner)

    This is so great to work with in projects. It looks nice and is so soft.

  7. Donna thompson (verified owner)

    Love the felt. Great quality

  8. Mary Baney (verified owner)

    This felt is so easy to cut snd sew with because it is soft and pliable, unlike “regular” felt, which is stiff and difficult to fold. The colors are great, too.

  9. Dee Butler

    The felt is soft and easy to work with.
    The quality is better then any other that I’ve purchased.

  10. Linda Thompson (verified owner)

    Kimberbell felt is better quality than others I’ve used. It’s soft and very easy to use. I love the colors, too.

  11. Janie

    WAIT! We are supposed to use it? I thought it was to display in my sewing room and pet! 😍

  12. Kathi Miller (verified owner)

    I love the felts. Quality is excellent and the variety of colors work for just about any project.

  13. Barbara

    Better quality than what I have purchased at craft stores. Sees well but using as appliqué I find it difficult to cut tiny items – – leaves on trees for Main Steet bench pillow – acts as any other felt

  14. Ruth

    Love it works great in my projects

  15. Dinah L Halopka (verified owner)

    Very good quality, soft, and beautiful colors. It was very easy to embroider and stitch on. Very pleased with this product and will order again!

  16. Teresa (verified owner)

    The quality is so nice. The projects I have used it on look much nicer

  17. Jeannette

    I love sewing projects with Kimberbell felt! I love the feel of it and like the look it gives to all of my projects! Would love to see more color selections.

  18. Linda K Schneider

    Great product! Will be using it for future creative crafts!

  19. Mary Ann Maycock

    This is the felt you dream of using on a project. The colors are pleasing to any project, the thickness gives it body without being stiff. It is so soft and manageable yet durable for my projects. The quality is outstanding!

  20. Debi Sherman (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Arrived in perfect condition and quickly. Happy customer!!

  21. Jo

    Great selection love love

  22. Marsha Waite

    I really like the product. I’ve Used it many times in projects. You just can’t go wrong with it. Good stuff.

  23. Sharon Rhudy

    Excellent quality! It is the best felt I have used!

  24. Elaine Ann Vanassche (verified owner)

    Extremely nice to cut and embroider on.

  25. Peg Phelps

    Love this felt! Very soft. We need light blue, yellow and lavenders!!

  26. Anne Maxeiner

    I have used felt before, it usually very stiff but there were really soft and the colors were beautiful

  27. Toni L Tanksley (verified owner)

    Absolutely love your felt!! It is so soft and no issues with embroidering on at all!

  28. Katrina Miller

    I used the felt on my March fill in the blanks. It is so soft no fuzz. My rabbits are the same color as the ones we own. My grandson will love it come Easter Sunday. Thank you.

  29. Jeannine Spencer (verified owner)

    I bought the felt to do ornaments for my nieces. I think they will love the soft touch of it. You can’t go wrong with Kimberbell.

  30. Kelli Francom

    It is soo soft and a dream to work with!

  31. Lee Ann Brickson

    Beautiful colors and nice to work with. Easy to cut around, also!

  32. Debra R. Gran (verified owner)

    Love this felt! Another Kimberbell home run!!!👍🏻

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