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Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: MARCH 2021 PROJECT – BUNNY BUSKET


A-tisket, a-tusket, a delightful Bunny Busket! Kimberbell’s March Fill in the Blank project transforms a Canvas Tote into an Easter basket perfect for egg hunts and picnics. Two designs, “Bunny Trails” and “Cotton Tails,” are stitched on each side of the busket, with Applique Glitter eggs and a Luxe Cuddle® bunny atop a row of Crocheted Edge Trim. With our unique pattern for both sewing and machine embroidery, our Bunny Busket is a real treat!

“The Bunny Busket!”

RECEIVE A FREE, EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR BOTH SEWING AND MACHINE EMBROIDERY when you purchase this March’s design blank – the canvas tote!

PLEASE NOTE: THESE DESIGNS WILL BE SENT AS A DOWNLOADABLE LINK TO YOU ON MARCH 1, 2021, even though you may purchase the canvas tote now, but again, the design itself will not be emailed until MARCH 1st. 

This purchase includes (1) Canvas Tote Blank + the design file and/or sewing machine pattern for the design. This purchase DOES NOT include the embellishments and materials found on the tote. Those may be purchased separately HERE.

Then join us for a FREE class open to EVERYONE no matter where you live found on our Facebook page! The “MGQS Embroidery Club Live” will be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 9 AM MST and the “MGQS Sewing Club Live” will be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 11 AM MST.

Looking for the additional items to make the bunny busket? Pick up a “Go-With-It” kit HERE!


In stock


Stabilizer Used:
Embroidery: Wash-away topping, Sticky-Back tear-away stabilizer
Sewing: Wash-away Sticky-back stabilizer, Fusible Peel and Stick

Hoop Size:


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