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Kimberbell Lace Studio – Holidays and Seasons, Vol. 1


With all the whimsy you expect from a Kimberbell design, Kimberbell Lace Studio is a collection of six stunning Lace Portraits—all for the embroidery machine! Each design includes fifty complementary elements and can be stitched as freestanding lace or on fabric. Lace Portraits come in two sizes for 5 by 7 (and larger) hoops; also included are instructions for creating a table runner, pillow, wall hanging, and patchwork tote. Use monochromatic threads or even brilliant color, and stitch smaller lace elements independently for beautiful embellishments! The Kimberbell Lace Studio unlocks unlimited creativity for every machine embroidery and quilting enthusiast!

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Kimberbell Lace Studio: Holidays and Seasons, Vol. 1

Kimberbell Lace Studio Questions and Answers

Do I need My Lace Maker software to use Kimberbell’s Lace Studio?

No. Kimberbell Lace Studio was designed as a stand-alone product with more than 60 lace pieces you can stitch independently. Kimberbell lace elements can import seamlessly into My Lace Maker software by Dime.

What is a Kimberbell Lace Portrait?

The Kimberbell Lace Studio is a collection of six stunning intricate lace portraits with fifty complementary elements.  Each portrait comes in two sizes for 5×7 and larger hoops.

Can Kimberbell’s Lace Studio be stitched independently?

Yes! Embroidered as freestanding lace or directly on fabrics like wool and linen, we give options for stitching in monochromatic whites and creams for classic lace, as well as, brilliant colors for completely contemporary piece.

How do I display embroidered lace?

Display your Lace Portraits in a variety of creative ways! Mount on wood or in a picture frame. Instructions include four bonus projects featuring the lace portraits, which are interchangeable with each pattern.

Are any patterns included with Kimberbell’s Lace Studio?

Yes! Lace Studio includes four delightful project patterns: table runner, wall hanging, bench buddy, and a patchwork tote!

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