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Kimberbell Love Notes Block of the Week Kit + Pattern (RESERVATION FEE)



A little birdie told me there’s a mystery in the air! Kimberbell’s Love Notes Mystery Quilt is coming this Summer 2020! Available for both sewing and machine embroidery! 

We will distribute the new Love Notes (envelopes with instructions) over five consecutive weeks. You will be able to anticipate, discover, and stitch that week’s section of the quilt while looking forward to seeing how it all comes together at the very end. (Customers can pick up a new envelope in our store or we will ship them one at a time.)

This $10 reservation fee GUARANTEES your spot in the brand-new LOVE NOTES block of the week! The remaining payment will be charged mid-July when the kits arrive! This is going to be SO FUN!
BONUS: FREE SHIPPING ON THE LOVE NOTES 5-WEEK MAIL-OUT!!!!! PLUS, order through MGQS and you’ll receive a FREE patched heart pin cushion kit in honor of Love Notes! 🙂 



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Product Description

It’s a MYSTERY! But here is what we do know…

  • The quilt measures 40″ x 40″.
  • It’s going to be KIMBERBELL CUTE!!!!!!!! 🙂

Your KIT from My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe includes: the entire fabric kit to complete the top and binding, the embellishment kit, and the sewing patterns and/or design CD. Here is the fabric that will be used in the quilt:

Patterns for Machine Embroidery and Sewing contain 5 envelopes to be disbursed to participants by local pick-up or online ship-out over a 5-week period during the Sew-Along, August 3-31, 2020.

Remaining Cost for Sewing Machine fabric kit/embellishment kit/sewing pattern (5) total + FREE SHIPPPING: $129.99 to be billed in July.

Remaining Cost for Machine Embroidery fabric kit/embellishment kit/patterns and machine embroidery CD + FREE SHIPPING: $159.99 to be billed in July.

Product Reviews

7 reviews for Kimberbell Love Notes Block of the Week Kit + Pattern (RESERVATION FEE)

  1. Cherie Bryan

    Excited for this quilt. Love Mgfqs & Kimberbell!

  2. Kathy Martini

    Love how helpful and fun everyone one is at MGFQS

  3. Debra Carver

    Always helpful and knowledgeable.

  4. Ruth Stover

    Love a good mystery quilt!! This will be fun!!

  5. Debra Carver

    Love talking with your staff. They are very knowledgeable and if they don’t know they will go the extra mile to find out

  6. Shelly Rios

    First time on this site. Looks promising so far… I am very excited.

  7. Joanne Cook

    Great Shoppe and staff

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