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MGQS Exclusive Spray Bottle


You are sure to love our MGQS Exclusive Spray Bottle! We’ve given the finest spray bottle on the market a girlfriend twist! Perfect at your ironing board OR for that final draping and finishing of your completed project. You can even use on delicate fabrics without the worry about water spitting and spattering and causing water marks.

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The MGQS Exclusive Misting Bottle’s airless (propellant-free) design keeps product fresher for longer periods of time and provides a 98% liquid evacuation from the bottle maximizing consumer usage and minimizing waste. The bottle is refillable- use with water or your favorite starch. Holds 10oz.  The MGQS Exclusive Misting Bottle is perfect to use with liquid starch sprays and water. It has a continuous 360-degree spray performance, allowing large areas to be starched quickly.   The superior ergonomics of the trigger reduces hand fatigue compared to other fingertip triggers.

Have you tried Flatter Assortment Spray?  I like to dilute this spray with a little water (just to make it las a little longer) and use with my mister. This spray leaves fabric sleek, soft, and static-free. The mild formula is easy on sensitive skin and won’t harm the environment.

This product is made with plant derived and renewable ingredients, is biodegradable, dye-free, and sulphate-free.

Flatter Assortment 8 oz Spray (Celebration) – My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe

If you are a sewer, quilter or love to do embroidery this Celebration Flatter Spray is a must have. It will make your seams flat and help create a perfectly flat quilt top. It does not leave any sticky residue on your fabrics or your iron.

Did I mention the scents are amazing? Check our website for more scents…..This girlfriend loves the Fig!  Don’t like scent?  We also carry Flatter Spray in an unscented version.

If you are a tiny piecer or do a lot of intricate piecing on quilts, then you will find this flatter spray a necessity, If you find Tiny Piecing tedious, watch this video for all of the tips and tricks from Kris.

DAILY HOW TO: Tiny Piecing – YouTube


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