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Online Class – It’s a Christmas MYSTERY! Table Topper REPLAY

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Enjoy sewing and learning new things from the comforts of your own home!

Enjoy this class (and pattern!) for FREE! It’s our way of saying, “Thank You!”

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Product Description

ONLINE CLASS: It’s a Christmas MYSTERY! Table Topper

Instructor: Kris Thurgood

Cost: FREE! Includes exclusive MGQS pattern!

*You won’t receive the pattern until the day of the class… it’s all part of the mystery! 😉

Supply List:

  • 5 Fat Quarters (18″ x 22″)


Product Reviews

31 reviews for Online Class – It’s a Christmas MYSTERY! Table Topper REPLAY

  1. Yvonne Berger

    Love learning from Kris her instructions are easy to follow

  2. Denise Renner


  3. Sue Scott

    Can’t wait!

  4. Joyce Evans

    I enjoy your classes

  5. Peggy Ramirez


  6. Janet Rankin

    It’s going to be fun!!’

  7. Peggy Ramirez

    Ready to sew.

  8. Kristen Durrant (verified owner)

    More fun ahead!! Will a kit be available?

  9. Katie Irick

    Looking forward to the class

  10. Nancy Boettiger

    Sounds like fun

  11. Kay Jones

    I want to try this class

  12. Sue

    Love a mystery

  13. Tana Wroblewski

    Love classes with Kris as I learn so much! Thank you!

  14. Andrea Tatkon-Coker (verified owner)

    This class should be exciting if Kris is teaching it.

  15. Andrea Tatkon-Coker (verified owner)

    Excited to learn something new.

  16. sharonhemker (verified owner)

    I can’t wait!!!

  17. Donna Payne (verified owner)

    I am really looking forward to this class!

  18. Brandy Mirly

    I’m excited! Might be late because I’m PST and get home at around 5p, but I’ll be there as early as I can! :_

  19. Cindi Ludlum

    So excited for this class! Thanks, Kris!

  20. Claire Kramer

    Yay! Can’t wait!

  21. Cindy Speas

    So excited!

  22. Gayle Wood (verified owner)

    A class with Kris is a true learning experience!

  23. lisamccormick222 (verified owner)

    Can’t wait! I’ve been sewing /embroidering less than a year but I’ve learned so much from your classes! Thank you!

  24. Maegene Milisavljevich (verified owner)

    I cannot wait. I soooo enjoy classes with Kris.

  25. Claire Leverington

    This is exciting! Can’t wait

  26. Cathy Davis

    I have no idea what in doing! 🤣 excited to be here!

  27. JoAnn Cammack

    i love there classes

  28. Melanie M Sonney

    I’m so excited! I love a mystery!

  29. Catherine

    Love it

  30. Sharon Sanford

    Would love to do this online class

  31. RaeAnn Sorensen

    Can’t wait to get started!!

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