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Flex Snips


Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the sharp, curved, flexible blades are ideal for precise clipping around intricate embroidery designs, even while still hooped in your machine.

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Product Description

These snips are spring-loaded for self-opening and are designed for both right and left-hand use.
This product comes in a gorgeous rainbow-colored steel, a color resulting from a unique metal tempering process. Size: 4.75 inches in length.

Product Reviews

1 review for Flex Snips

  1. Michelle Fite

    I have these. Fantastic buy. My pair have stayed sharp for 6 months or more
    The spring action is easy to squeeze and cut. I am purchasing again because I want 1 at each of my machines. ***i have tried other snips and have been disappointed. Go For The Gold

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