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Variety Pack of Stabilizers: 4 Tube Pack


That’s right! The Girlfriends have their very own stabilizers! This pack includes all you’ll need for any of your upcoming projects! This is such a nice stash to have on hand! There is nothing worse than getting home with a brand new project and realize you don’t have the right stabilizers to start! You will love our premium stabilizers!

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Product Description

Contains 1 tube of each of the following: 

  • Medium Tearaway– 12″ x 5 yards
    • Designed for light to medium stitch counts on stable to semi-stable fabrics. Firm, crisp and easy to tear away. Tears neatly around edge of stitched area.
  • Medium Cutaway– 12″ x 5 yards
    • Excellent for medium stitch counts on medium weight, stretchy fabrics such as fleece and pique knits.
  • Water Soluble Topping– 12″ x 12 yards
    • This is a plastic topping designed to enhance embroidery done on the top side of high pile fabrics such as terrycloth, velour, pique knit, corduroy, fleece and velvet. Improves embroidery quality by preventing stitches from sinking into the pile of the fabric.
  • Peel N’ Stick– 12″ x 5 yards
    • An adhesive stabilizer used for “hoopless” embroidery or to provide additional stabilization of items during the embroidery process. Ideal for velvets, napped materials, silks, knits, vinyl, leather and any material requiring a better hold or that won’t fit in a standard hoop. Eliminates the need for water activated adhesive stabilizers or spray adhesives.

** Kept in Stay Fresh Tubes! Reusable tubes keep products clean and fresh!

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