Kimberbell Spring Showers Quilt Online Class (REPLAY)


Splash into this Kimberbell Spring Showers Quilt online class! Expert instructions make stitching and putting your quilt together a breeze!

When the forecast calls for Spring Showers, it’s going to be a beautiful day! Kimberbell’s fresh and fabulous 40″ x 40” Spring Showers quilt celebrates spring in all of its glory, with blossoms, butterflies, and so much more. Wool felt bumblebees buzz happily around the dimensional beehive, while vinyl umbrellas are a pop of color in the blustery weather. Load the little red wagon for the garden, fill cork pots with felt flowers, and piece the log cabin blocks right in-the-hoop! Sweet sentiments include “Let’s weather it together,” “No rain, no flowers,” and “Sometimes a good puddle is all you need.” With darling rain boots, wool felt mushrooms, charming birdhouses, and more! Kimberbell Spring Showers quilt is a breath of fresh air for every machine embroidery enthusiast.

Finished Quilt Size: 40″ x 40.”